Then & Now: Spotlight on the UAB School of Public Health

Being at UAB since 2012, I’ve had the privilege of representing the Blazer family in various ways from acting as a virtual (and IRL) tour guide for the campus, appearing in a couple national ads like this one , internet ads for the campus bookstore Snoozy’s, and several other fun (and funny!) gigs. Most recently, I shot a spotlight session with the School of Public Health to talk about how my undergraduate degree impacted my decision to pursue the Master’s and how I plan to integrate that into my clinical practice as a PA.

I shot this same spotlight as an undergraduate a couple of years ago and it was kind of bittersweet to look back on how my goals and career interests grew and changed in only 3 short years. I thought I wanted to do primary care at first, now I am most interested in surgery, and I’m anticipating even more change after my clinical year, which starts in just 4 months. (AAGGGHH!!!) Since one of the most popular questions I get asked (almost on a daily basis) is why I am pursuing the MPH alongside PA school, I chose to post these videos. I think they provide good insight into my education journey, from when I first decided to apply to PA school, to where I am today!

By the way, I love love love receiving questions about the MPH (and PA school of course) so keep them coming! Love & Light, Asia


Undergraduate Perspective 2014


Graduate Student Perspective 2017



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