Livin’ La Vida Lushie

As a long time Lush fanatic and former Lush employee, I have endless recommendations for products of all kinds. Recently, I have been attempting to wake up earlier for school so that I have time for more coffee and contemplation and need a little help, particularly on Mondays. These are the Lush products I depend on to help me rise and shine.

  1. Cup o’ Coffee Face and Body Mask – In the mornings, I find that I don’t really have time to take a full-on bath (which is a tragedy) but luckily, Lush makes amazing shower products as well. I start with this absolutely gorgeous face and body mask. It smells even better than the strongest cup of coffee. It will wake you right up and the caffeine from the crushed coffee beans tightens and brightens tired skin. I slather it from my forehead to my shoulders and let it sit while I shower.
  2. Refresher shower jelly – I like to get things going with one of Lush’s most innovative products, the shower jelly. This one always amazed customers and we couldn’t keep it on the shelves. Use it once and you’ll know why. The jelly consistency is feather soft on skin and it lathers up to a beautiful, citrus scented sudsfest. The lemon oil wakes me right up and it rinses clean for a fresh feeling.
  3. King of Skin body butter – Since I don’t have much time to lotion in the mornings, I opt for King of Skin body butter. I rub the solid bar on while showering and let the bananas, cocoa butter, and avocados get to work. Afterward, my skin is super soft and moisturizer and I’m ready to go. I also love this one for being a naked product, which means no packaging to clutter up my shower or recycling bins.
  4. New Shampoo Bar – Another naked product to love, New is a solid cinnamon shampoo that will awaken the senses and give your hair a very clarified feeling. I also have a very irritated scalp from blow drying my hair and this bar helps soothe it with rosemary and mint oils. Gotta love it.
  5. Mr Dandy’s Hair Candy – Firstly, the scent of this hair styling product is to die for. The oakmoss and cedar scent stay with you all day, which I love. The firm but not sticky hold is perfect for my very short pixie cut and allows me to rock a Mohawk or a sleek classic cut. It’s the only styling product I use in my hair.
  6. Miles of Smiles Toothy Tabs – I have always been a fan of Lush’s toothpaste inventions, which you simply pop in your mouth, chew, and brush. The packages are recyclable unlike regular toothpaste tubes and they contain none of the harmful ingredients found in big name brand toothpastes. (seriously, download the THINK DIRTY APP and then think about toothpaste options). They taste great and totally get the job done.
  7. Dirty body spray – Dirty is probably my favorite scent on the planet. I douse myself in it daily. It’s especially nice in the morning times because of the refreshing spearmint. So so good. The smell keeps me going when my eyelids start getting heavy.

I also love Lush makeup and use their products pretty regularly to gently and naturally ‘beat my face’! Thanks for reading, I hope you’re inspired to start living the Lush Life and make your mornings a little more bearable!

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